A delicate infusion of gadgetry and melody. Why?   Ask the Caterpillar!

 In one of the most famous Children’s stories ever written, Humpty Dumpty informs the ever curious Alice;

“Slithy means Lithe and slimey…it’s like a portmanteau, you’ve got two meanings packed up into one word”

In music, Cadenza defines a particular section, usually of a large scale work, in which a soloist interprets an especially conspicuous sequence of notes, either as written in the original score, or that is improvised or composed by the soloist themselves.

The passage is traditionally free of a time signature and intended to highlight the more overt and mercurial qualities of a virtuoso technique, such as the ability to play or sing at a great speed or over a broad range, with minimal loss of articulation or control.

A Gigabyte might indeed simply equal 1 million bytes of digital information but in a game of word association, should one utter such terms as CPU, Hard Drive, RAM, Graphics Card, Xbox, MP3 or iPhone, there is no doubt that this word, especially its initial two syllables, has fundamental relevance to all.

Thus, just as “Gigadenza” might suggest, say, an attractive selection of computer and audio related technology, so too could it refer to an original way of presenting or creating music through the means of technology.

Unusual combinations are invariably fascinating , the world Lewis Carroll created told us of Kings and Queens living backwards, opinionated flowers, a vanishing feline, a mellifluous mock turtle, an egg with an intellect, a hatter and a hare sharing afternoon tea and lions and unicorns partial to plum cake.

The philosophy behind this humble site could well be nothing more than an excuse to communicate a few of my personal interests and discoveries but if it makes half as much nonsense as any of the above, I will it consider worthwhile.