Internet Radio

Internet Radio Programming and Distribution.

Abracadababra Radio

In 2002, the SMB Partnership helped launch the world’s first digital radio station dedicated to children and their families.  Every year since, we have worked hard to build, develop and deliver a broad, unique repertoire of novelty songs, educational programs, classical music of instant appeal, comedy rarely if ever heard on other stations and an array of astutely compiled content created by third parties, ranging from talented independent singers, songwriters, authors and musicians to established and respected entities in the broadcasting industry.  

In late 2009, Abracadabra became the only UK station to host material supplied directly by the BBC and has subsequently obtained a significant proportion of their children’s programming, including CBeebies stories, entries from Chris Evans’s writing competition  “500 Words”, created for Radio 2. and  a spectacular feature length presentation, Ten Pieces, originating from BBC2 and part of their exciting initiative to introduce young ears to the fascinating world of Classical Music. 

 Read Along Radio

Our other projects include “Read Along Radio”, an innovative way for families with children of all ages to develop their reading and listening skills. Visitors to our site can access a special page where a story is presented in the form of an interactive book.

Every week, Abracadabra appoints specific hours in its schedule when the same story is told by a familiar, friendly voice.  Listeners then follow the narrative at a comfortable pace, turning the pages in real time.  There are three levels of difficulty to engage readers of all abilities and encourage parents, with their children, to share, enjoy and benefit together.

Level One is for our youngest eyes and ears just starting to explore the joys words can bring.  Level Two offers older bookworms a more challenging read and Level Three is enriched with many beloved children’s classics that may require the help of a grown-up.

The animations are responsive and intuitive and the text large, clear and easy to navigate.  Users have complete personal control over their experience via a simple point and click interface, which allows for dragging  pages back and forth, zooming in and out, scrolling up or down and printing any page they want.