Book Bites

Promotional features for authors and publishers.

If you’re an ambitions author or proactive publisher with a masterpiece to promote, what better to fulfil your than a tasty “Book  Bites” feature. This scrumptious series was exclusively launched in 2011 on the Children’s Internet based radio station, Abracadabra.

Please listen to some of the fabulously flavoursome features the we have already produced below.

The Kingdom of the Deep

The Blizzard Wizard

Children’s author Frank Hink’s inspiringly original Ramion adventure series never ceases to amaze and excite.  Now sixteen sensational stories long, each crammed with feasts of fantastic illustrations, the entire series be purchased at high street bookshops, on Amazon or via the exclusive Ramion website.

The Body Collector 

There, you can read a detailed synopsis of every vibrant volume, explore the unique, mysterious and spectacular world of Ramion in all its spellbinding glory, and learn more about the dozens of delightfully quirky enchantingly colourful and ever active characters that roam its surface.  Not least a wayward Witch and her wandering Skull, a formidable feline more than living his dreams. Ghost of Gloop. Vampires with manners, Dragons with a dirty habit and three brave boys, Julius, Alexander and Benjamin all running, escaping, forming rock bands and exchanging pleasantries with princesses and glove puppets.

What Do the Grown-ups Do? is a series of educational books by Scottish Author Miari McCLennan. These original, thoughtfully written and beautifully presented non-fictional accounts are intended to sensitively interpret the responsibilities of adult working life and promote a friendly, efficient form of learning in both family and school environments.

They are conveyed through the eyes of the three children who experienced them and based on their genuine interaction with each grown-up as they empathetically highlight the challenges, benefits, difficulties, dilemmas and rewards associated with a diverse selection of jobs.

Joe the Fisherman

Papa the Stockfarmer

Sean the Actor

Fiona The Doctor

Richard The Vet

If you wish to have your feature aired on Abracadabra, the number of play outs and broadcast times are agreed prior to production and assigned in its day part schedules according to content suitability.  Don’t worry, we love to mix things up!