Fireside Concerts

Bespoke educational programs introducing children to the world classical music

Family fireside concerts is an ongoing series of feature length radio programmes developed by SMB for exclusive broadcast on the children’s Internet based station, Abracadabra.

For centuries, music of an immeasurable emotion, depth, melody and harmony has come close to working miracles on Earth. For Humans, it is a staple.

We depend on it as we do the most precious resources and what it has bequeathed us cannot be quantified in numbers, explained by logic or science or resisted by those whose lives it has entered and souls it has has touched. It provides love, nourishes wisdom, evokes empathy and defines character. Where there is pain, it will heal, where spirit is broken, it will inspire. It talks, it tells, it laughs and cries in a language familiar to none and all.

We consider this simple philosophy was paramount in composing the concept behind these productions and essential to sustaining the exceptional standard that affords us pride and rewards our audience with a potentially life changing experience.

Family Fireside Concerts.

A friendly and enlightening journey into a world where every composer, artist, instrument and listener discovers their voice and speaks freely.

Episodes are comprised of a rich assortment of historical and contemporary works of music, introduced by Abracadabra’s best known voice, Peter.

Some are used to paint a perfect backdrop for fictional stories and poetry. Others let the tunes tell the tales through the scales and the rest combine a feast of fascinating facts with mesmerizing masterpieces in the most engaging and exciting ways imaginable.

Please take some time out to honour the great Modest Mussorgsky and enjoy his most adored creation, Pictures at an Exhibition.

This concert is an original production for Abracadabra and features specially recorded introductions to each movement.