Reflective Features

If you have spontaneously stumbled into this corridor of reflective curiosities, you may well be submitting yourself to the most bizarre blend of of computers and highbrow culture since Humpty Dumpty used his hyper intelligent tablet to translate the complete craziness of Edward Lear from mandarin Chinese to C Sharp Minor.  Now that would sound sublime, especially the Owl and the Pussycat.  Actually, in staunch keeping with the comfortingly eclectic philosophy upon which Gigadenza was gamely  grafted, there is neither precedent nor purpose for certain pages to permeate this particular partition of the site, other than their hazardously high levels of surrealism.

Please do not take an advanced ergonomic seat and make yourself comfortable in compliance with current EU health and safety directives on the pretext that any material comprises of structure, logic, motive, grammatical correctness, political radicalism, underlying morals, overriding facts, conventional wisdom, controversial advice, precious knowledge, tawdry trivia, clarified obscurity, obfuscated clarity, incisive rhetoric, evasive candour, pragmatic fantasies, irrational truths, interchangeable oxymorons or lists so lengthy and wearisomely wordy that by the time you’ve read this far, I can almost guarantee you’ll enjoy at least a syllable of what awaits below.


Bending Emotions

“What is in that bag of goodies?  The iPod, The iPhone and the iPad are so personal, they are warm in your hand.  They sing to you when you are alone, they are caressed.”  This heartfelt and emotive statement was uttered by Bob Belville, former director of engineering at […]


Performance Enhancing Acoustics

Oh really, cannot a modern appliance take more than a few seconds to assimilate what’s supposed to be freely digestible in one giant
invisible library. It’s Bach, Schumann and Chopin and by Morrrissey I suspect you’re referring to Mussorgsky who did indeed
COMPOSE Night of a Bald Mountain which is not a SONG, but PIECE or WORK of music or, to be wholly accurate a TONE POEM.
The rest you can garner from you’re predecessor’s legacy. Best of Luck Pinko and stop leaning on my pendulum for support!


Nobody Agrees with Anybody.

Physics has no way to measure the number of occasions an individual will be wrong in their lifetime, since every living organisms’ concept of right and wrong is unique.  Morality is determined by ideology.  Ideology is founded on theory and opinion which are in turn. formed through profound personal […]


Cuter than a Comma,’

Not this bit, the articles underneath, with the adjacent thumbnails, see them?  You remember how things work here.  Please, just click the back button and move your curious cursor over one of those jolly little jpeg and click.  If you don’t, I’ll keep typing and you surely don’t want […]


Don’t Make a Meal out of a Miele

At approximately 5 o clock one midwinter’s morning, the dawn of a reclusive Tuesday that shall remain unnumbered. I  reluctantly rose from my possessive pillow, lazily lowered both feet to meet a tiled surface of mild beige, and swayed dazedly down  the passage that adjoined my cave of slumber […]


Two Sides of the Same Screen.

The Following is Based on True Forum Exchanges Voice of Slight Logic: Don’t pretend you weren’t warned. What did you expect from AMD? When the Hawaii was released, its “certified” temperature range was a sliver shy of your kettle’s.  Heat to them is an issue of scant concern, scarcely more […]


Three Big Boards.

An Enthusiastic Lament Despite their wants to stand out from the crowd, be acknowledged within a heavily branded market, or respected by contemporaries as commanding the most meaty and majestic man cave assembled since a cave man’s fleshy fingers punched caught-ate-digest, the capricious community of PC Enthusiasts could be […]


The Proud PLX Chip

A Paradigm of Peripheral Component Interdependence. Imagine a gargantuan garage at the beginning of this motorway, and at its end, the cavernous entrances to two further garages, equally epic in proportion. The motorway divides and eight lanes run into each. These two garages have rewarding task to fulfil. To amicably […]