What We Can Provide.

The SMB partnership is a small, independent firm which specializes in creating original audio content for personal and professional use.

In recent years, this has included bespoke features for websites, publishing companies and local and national charities, promotional and educational material for DAB and Internet based radio stations, audio versions of classical and contemporary literary works, sound imaging, branding, voiceovers and incidental music.

We can provide a wide range of high quality, original and imaginative audio packages for indefinite broadcast at extremely competitive rates.

Our Studio incorporates a broad selection of software and hardware, configured and appointed in a unique and constructive fashion.

Thousands of virtual instruments, hundreds of reverb, echo, chorus and FX  algorithms, voice transformers, time stretchers, mono and multiband compressors, expanders and isolators, not only of exceptional quality but many difficult to source and unavailable as plug-ins within traditional audio engineering applications or more contemporary forms of hardware.

Our aim is to meet ambitious and challenging demands with unique and engaging productions.

Please wander through what has and shall continue to made us proud and happy.  We enjoyed every moment.


Internet Radio

Internet Radio Programming and Distribution. Abracadababra Radio In 2002, the SMB Partnership helped launch the world’s first digital radio station dedicated to children and their families.  Every year since, we have worked hard to build, develop and deliver a broad, unique repertoire of novelty songs, educational programs, classical music […]


Fireside Concerts

Bespoke educational programs introducing children to the world classical music Family fireside concerts is an ongoing series of feature length radio programmes developed by SMB for exclusive broadcast on the children’s Internet based station, Abracadabra. For centuries, music of an immeasurable emotion, depth, melody and harmony has come close to […]


Professional Reading

Innovative audio productions of books, magazines and newspapers. We can format, edit and repackage any existing  publication in compliance with your preferred character, style, mood and energy whilst remaining wholly faiful to the written content and its prinicpal objectives.  Our specialty is dedicated audio productions of classic and contemporary literary works, many for the younger listener […]



Remastering of archive material. Our song database and back catalogue of classical music consists of over 5000 discs, a treasury painstakingly assembled over the course of half a century.  We are hence, extremely familiar with a rich and diverse variety of legacy recordings and the vast range of acoustical […]


Music and Ear Candy

Incidental music, sound beds, mixes, stings stabs and voice overs. Some bespoke compositions, FX, ambient mixes, voice-overs and musical candy intended to highlight the inherent style, mood and traits of a character, story backdrop, chapter or scene you might wish to convey. Sweetie Links Original audio miniatures suitable for punctuating […]


Special Coverage

Recording of special events and promotional content for local festivals. Brighon and Hove Children’s Festival 2012 Two promotional trailers produced for the Brighton and Hove Children’s Festival in 2012. An inspired 10 day event which featured dozens of exciting and engaging activities suitable for families and aimed at children […]


Book Bites

Promotional features for authors and publishers. If you’re an ambitions author or proactive publisher with a masterpiece to promote, what better to fulfil your than a tasty “Book  Bites” feature. This scrumptious series was exclusively launched in 2011 on the Children’s Internet based radio station, Abracadabra. Please listen to […]