RSPCA Perfect Pets


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These stories present our faithful furry companions in starring roles as they try their best to get along with us, their owners, in the hope that we can do the same for them.

Thankfully, all have a happy ending. You can now enjoy the full series right here online, just click!

Cassie the Posh Cat – Staying In Shape.  Read by Louise Buck.

Cassie is a very posh cat. She loves to look smart and likes nothing better than to be groomed by her owner, Mylin Singh…

To hear Cassie’s story, just click the play button under her picture!

Chalk and Cheese – Town and Country Mice.

Chalk was a little white mouse. His brother cheese was brown. They were always together and slept on top of each other in a pile.

The mice were for sale in Homefield petshop…

Bob The Old English Sheepdog – Please Take Me Home.

Meet Bob. He’s an Old English Sheepdog, who lives with the Hendersons. He’s only a puppy, full of energy and fun.

Mr Henderson bought Bob for his wife’s Birthday…


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