In recent years, our recording studio has made use of a rich selection of computer hardware and high-end audio components, allowing for productions to be undertaken and completed with the finest quality and original features.  Please select a gallery from the previews below in the vain hope that you shall then be presented with a plethora of relevant photographic content and who knows, your wish may well be granted.


Highspeed Top Deck Tech Station

The term “millennial” most frequently defines individual whose to adulthood occurred within the early stages of the 21st century.  In general, they are regarded as naive, disillusioned, and largely bereft of survival instincts or what their ancestors might have considered practical skills such as harvesting vegetables,  servicing motorcars, deep cleaning a bathroom or assembling a […]


Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch.

What am “I”?? A forbidden fruit with many cores but negligible pips. Our honeymoons are sweet, my aftertaste is sour. One byte and even doctors shall be helpless in my power. My coloured skins afford you credit, my crunch will leave you skint. Though I start with A and end […]


Akasa Lokstor x21

Little explanation is required for this versatile and practical receptacle. To paraphrase an venerable proverb, the course of true transfers never did run swift that is, swift enough for the trigger happy snapper and his ever expending library of selfies, sunsets, squirrels and sponge cakes.  Or the viral vlogger with […]


Acer S277HK

This monitor was approximately three months when I “bid” it a fond farewell for a fixed price and was acquired as an emergency replacement for a faulty Samsung panel which decided to lunch it’s own power supply prior to an especially stressful Christmas…many a century ago. It formed part […]


Mustard 953 Endurance Tourer.

A cyclical project more worthwhile than every silicon centric custom build I have undertaken since the 1st of July 1992, when at 13 years old I declared that a 40 megabyte hard drive would be more than anybody could possibly require, a mere month before I had squandered every […]


Shure SE535 RED Special Edition Earbuds

Shure has been known for decades as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of a broad range of high quality audio components.  Initially famous for their microphones, which are heavily relied upon by countless artists and engineers and tailord for any live or studio application, they also produce a copious selecion of […]


Gigabyte Geforce GTX Titan

Gigabyte’s take on Nvidia’s super-expensive “Titan”.  At its heart beats the 7.1 billion transistor GK110, the pinnacle of Nvidia’s “Kepler” GPU family which the company first featured on two of its professional cards in 2012, the Tesla K20 and K20X.  The chip contains 5 GPCs (graphics processing clusters) which […]


Asus Z9PE-D8 WS

Asus’s “Workstation” (WS) series of motherboards is, in contrast to its ROG (Republic of Gamers) product line, aimed specifically at enthusiasts who ultimately desire stability over performance whilst retaining maximum functionality.  The first of these boards to emerge was the P5WDG2-WS in late 2005, based around Intel’s 975 chipset […]