Peter Pan

J.M. Barrie’s enchanting tale, Peter Pan and Wendy was completed and first published in 1911, seven years after a theatrical version had premièred in London.  The story was partly inspired by Barrie’s amicable relationship with Arthur and Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, whose five children came into the author’s care following the death of their parents.

It tells of a little boy from a mysterious, magical island who passionately nurtures a dream to never grow old and through the art of flight and immense powers of persuasion, gleefully lures two brothers and their elder sister into a saga of exciting and frequently perilous adventures.

Adventures featuring flashes of fairy dust, Indian royalty, a ticking croc and a gaggle of savage swashbucklers under ruthless command of their black-hearted captain…with more than a point to prove.

A multitude of  adaptations include television series, video games, graphic novels and a growing number of feature length films.  The book was said to a firm favourite of Hollywood legend Walt Disney, who produced his famous Cartoon musical in 1953.  Other big screen interpretations include Stephen Spielberg’s lavish 1991 epic “Hook”, in which Peter as an adult (played by Robin Williams) returns to Neverland to rescue his own children.

The vibrant, colourful characters and endearingly imaginative plot also make it one of this countries most popular pantomimes, with expensive Christmas productions selling out months in advance.

Although Peter Pan himself may be more closely aligned with the consciences and emotional tendencies of children, his first appearance was in a novel written in 1902 for grown-ups called The Little White Bird.  Four years later, the chapters in which Peter was present were republished as “Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens”.

It is with great pride and anticipation that we now invite you on a wondrous and fantasy rich frolic into the heartfelt and beautiful world J.M. Barrie created over a century ago.  A world like its main protagonist, that has aged not a single day.

This audio version was originally aired on children’s internet radio station Abracadabra and is read by Peter Schofield with Music by Mendelssohn, Bartók and Prokofiev.

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