Professional Reading

Innovative audio productions of books, magazines and newspapers.

We can format, edit and repackage any existing  publication in compliance with your preferred character, style, mood and energy whilst remaining wholly faiful to the written content and its prinicpal objectives.  Our specialty is dedicated audio productions of classic and contemporary literary works, many for the younger listener Productions range from standard readings with one voice to more ambitious projects with multiple artisis, music and approriatly appointed effects!

Film, television and other visual mediums may be an effective way of imparting drama atmosphere and excitement but a brief conversation with any voracious reader, be they a keen Kindle connoisseur or a Library loyal lover of literature, will unearth a common view that if a book precedes its interpretation on the large or small screen, its superiority is as certain as the presence of stars and time.

Their argument is that an author’s words alone can stimulate the imagination in more ways and to greater extremes than vividly presented moving images, combined with a soundtrack that intrudes more than it complements, a heavily edited script, the subjective opinions directors and producers and a cast of actors bearing  their character’s predetermined traits with many ideas of their own to add.

The Elephant’s Child

Indisputably the most famous and arguably the crown jewel amidst Rudyard Kipling’s enchanting collection of masterpieces.  Our retelling of this captivating classic received a nomination for Best Readings Producer at the Sony Radio Academy Production Awards in 2011.  We were sad not to win, as much for our little grey friend as for us, but he can do far more with his new nose than he can with a glass square.

Peter Pan

The Wind in the Willows

Alice in Wonderland

Through the Looking Glass

We would suggest that in numerous ways, sound by itself affords the mind an even greater freedom than printed text.  One important advantage is physical. The engaged listener depends on nothing other than the ears to think, to feel, and to imagine.

Their eyes and limbs are not bound by a screen or a page.  They can be boiling the kettle, doing the gardening, driving to work, cycling around parks, running across beaches before relishing some summer sunshine.

Perhaps best of all, they could be huddled beneath cosy quilts on a winter evening with a comforting cocoa by the fire.  Or in the darkness of a friendly bedroom, half asleep between soothing sheets.

So how is it possible.  Because with the aid of a subtle voice from an artist as enthralled as the person they’re reading to, evocative sounds that suggest but never reveal, a little music where suitable, all within a production of painstaking precision and respect, nothing can prevent a story being told, a moral conveyed or a sense of invigorating escapism.  Not sunlight on an ipad, darkness on a kindle or a heavy head and its pair of work weary eyes.

Author Miriam Moss has received numerous accolades throughout a distinguished and diverse career.  Her books number almost a hundred and cover a broad array of genres including, non-fiction for adults, cultural commentaries, short stories for adults, poetry and a rich variety of educational fiction for younger readers.

Smudge’s Grumpy Day

Listen to how the moody little Mouse Smudge and her ever wise and loyal companion, Stripe the Badger, create their own forms of harmonious fun and solve some of life’s tricky dilemmas.

These beautiful crafted stories are packed with funny, furry and feathery friends, all endearing and memorable to children and effective in stimulating their imagination as well as tenderly encouraging a superior understanding of morals, ethics and empathy during early and intermediary years of learning.

A New House for Smudge

I’ll Be Your Friend Smudge

It’s My Turn Smudge

The Horse Girl

Experience the mysterious tale of Freyer, “the Horse Girl”, who’s love of Horses leads her to embark on a journey of discovery and unearth sensational secrets that will forever change her life.

Nursery World Magazine

Two feature articles from Nursery World Magazine, originally recorded for Fun Radio and currently airing on Abracadabra.