It’s OK, it’s Okomi!

Okomi is a baby chimpanzee created by Helen and Clive Dorman, who are directors and co-founders of The Children’s Project.  In these delightful stories, Baby Okomi is introduced to us and we hear about his adventures with his mother, Mama Du.

You can listen to some of the stories right here and enjoy them all every day at 7am and 1pm on Abracadabra.

Okomi Climbs a Tree – Read by Louise Buck.

Okomi is feeling brave and decides to climb a tree. It was early morning. Okomi and his mummy , Mamma Du, were on one of their walks.

It had rained heavily during the night and all around them leaves glistened with drops of water.

Okomi and the Tickling Game.

Okomi has woken from his nap and is ready for some fun.

It was a hot summer’s day. Okomi and his Mummy, Mama Du, were lying in the shade under a large leafy tree…

Okomi Plays in the Leaves.

Okomi is fascinated throwing leaves around. Mama Du has a scare when Okomi covers himself in leaves and she cannot see him.

One day, Okomi and his Mummy, Mama Du, were going for a walk.  Okomi like going for walks with his Mummy, he liked to run on ahead and explore…

Okomi The New Baby.

Mama Du has been away from the group and has returned, but wait – what’s that shes holding?

The sky glowed orange as the sun rose slowly. A new day dawned in Africa. Deep in the forest, the leaves shone bright and green. Their trunks and branches were wet with morning dew.