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Twice Two

Scenario 6.  I want to control one or both of SD-90’s internal tone banks (A and/or B) using two external controllers AND re-route all MIDI signals to a pair of external sequencers or synthesisers.

This is not fully supported by the tool, though the closest one get is:

1.  Connect the control surfaces to each of SD-90s rear inputs and ensure “MIDI THRU IN 1 or 2” is enabled on both ports.

2. Connect the devices you wish to control to each of SD-90s rear outputs.

3.  Under “external devices”, select one of SD-90s inputs, depending on which controller you want the application to receive messages from:

If you want the tool to accept data from the controller that is connected to input one, you should select “SD-90 MIDI IN 1″

If you want the tool to accept data from the controller that is connected to input two, you should select “SD-90 MIDI IN 2″

As you’ll note, this has to be a decision since only one input at a time is definable.

4.  Repeat steps 4 through 6 of scenario 5.

Both sets of controllers and devices can be used simultaneously but data transmitted from the controller connected to the input that has not been specified under “external devices” in step 3 CANNOT relayed or re-routed to the SD-90s tone generators as it is never detected/seen by the application and will simply be forwarded to the device connected to the corresponding output.  

As before, the “MIDI THRU port setting” in this instance will only dictate which of the the virtual keyboards and which internal synth bank (part A or B) receives messages from the controller connected in step one and its input, as defined under external devices in step three.  

It has no effect on which physical output on the SD-90 any data flows to since this has already been determined by enabling both “MIDI IN THRU 1 and 2” in step 1 hence, both outputs 1 and 2 will always re-broadcast any data received by their respective inputs, even when the application is closed.

To all whose restless souls depend on wrenching redemption from a tunnel THRU the ninth port of hell, I would ardently urge your quick and painless surrender to the intuitive simplicity of standalone MIDI mode…consult Scenario 8 and breath once more.


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