Past Pixels

Cyberspace’s ever capricious realm of Social Media, with its rhetorical tsunamis of fulsome acclaim, mass condemnation and perpetual craving for click-bait binge worthy drama, has long been notorious for tarnishing overnight fame with enough  toxic shame to sink Noah’s ark…and convince any impartial soul that every flourishing conscious creature aboard was a self-serving stowaway who deserved to perish in their deep dark watery grave.


Combine such innately destructive discourse with the terminally transient world of technology, and one instantly has a recipe for tabloid friendly trivialities to take unconditional precedence over profoundly considered points of view, that afford valuable perspective and insightful logic to the topics they address.

Add increasingly virulent forms of AI to this volatile cocktail, and any sound mortal mind will soon envisage an autonomous autocracy, equipped to assimilate, manipulate and cleanse culture to whatever decisive degrees or extreme measures it deemed necessary in accordance with a natively evolved code of ethics that its founding programmers naïvely believed they could contain and cultivate.

Hence, here, in an algorithmically exempt zone, to assuage my persistent paranoia of a permanent de-platforming for perpetuating subjective opinions that fail to align with machine learned ideologies or incorporate titillating trends of the moment, Gigadenza  presents a carefully curated, non-computed chronology of aging news, antique views, reheated exchanges and unabashedly unabridged musings.

Choice cuts, hand picked from the Internet’s prevailing  purveyors of partial truths and proven rumours regarding once technologically relevant subjects, typed in the past tense to afford each snippet retrospective resonance after the all too fleeting fact…and here to peruse at your gracious leisure…so long as a maturing distribution of Windows Server can make the content vaguely legible.