A Small and Rewarding Experement.

Aside from bumbling my own way through a magnificently entertaining selection of adventure games from the likes of Lucasarts, Sierra, it has always been a hobby of mine to watch and immerse myself in others efforts to do the same. These might be friends I sit alongside, or more lately, passionate and articulate “Youtubers”, each keen to divulge his or her love, knowledge and expertise in a vast range of historic and contemporary titles.

As a voracious fan of “let’s play” videos from their very earliest incarnations, the increasing number of co-operative affairs has also recently come to my attention. These however, usually feature players of a similar age.

In thinking back to some of my fondest childhood memories, it was not only my school chums who’d join me in repeated attempts to guide Guybrush Threepwood through lush, fantasy filled islands populated with three headed monkeys and grizzled pirates whose tongues frequently proved sharper than their rapiers. Or to calmly negotiate a safe passage for Prince Alexander up a treacherous cliff face festooned with mind-warping riddles.

The involvement of many parents in their children’s hobbies, ends as soon as the family wallet is closed but my own, especially Mum, provided not only the means with which to relish them, but also eagerly shared my enjoyment. Thus, the idea was born….of a “let’s play” series featuring a team spanning multiple generations. Though to reveal precisely how many, would have certainly been to sully my proud invitation for her to join me in a nostalgic expedition through a cornucopia of old familiars and new worthies, that shall hopefully prove equally enthralling.

Before proceeding, please understand that these videos are extremely informal and closely resemble little more than unedited podcasts. I cannot guarantee updates to or the completion of any specific title and intend to have more than one on the go. I strive for technical and artistic integrity and can only apologize if the standard of what you savour does not meet your expectations as a viewer I shall continue to welcome with open arms and moreover, that such shortcomings don’t nullify any possible enjoyment of the content.

Any seasoned “let’s play” or critics or authors should bear in mind that this is my first attempt at creating material for the genre and despite my experience as a recording engineer and enthusiasm in adventure gaming, I’m as far from an RPG veteran as you’d care to imagine and being behind the controls in this somewhat altered context represents many new challenges in itself. What I’m trying to say is…just grab a rich steaming cup of tea or coffee…settle down…be patient…enjoy what you can…and I love you all anyway.

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To set things in motion, here is the first instalment in a series documenting the ¬†heartfelt, if rather pathetic performance carried off by mother and son as they tentatively turf then boldly bicker their way through Betheda Softwork’s 2011 masterpiece, Skyrim.