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Hear the songs of Britain’s most famous Birds and many interesting, seed sized facts about each. This series of miniature features was created by us at Abracadabra and incorporates bird song specially recorded by the RSPB.

Listen to the series right here.

The Blackbird

The Blackbird is one of the most common UK birds. Males live up to their name and they are all black except for a bright orange/yellow beak and an eye ring…

The Twite

The Twite is a member of the Finch family. It is a small, streaky chestnut and brown bird with a pale tummy, a long tale and a stubby beak…

The Woodlark

The Woodlark is a streaky, brown bird with a buffy white eyestripe, which meets across the nape…


The Housemartin

Housemartins are small birds, with blue/black wings, white underparts, a white rump and a graceful forked tail.

The Nightingale

Nightingales have a broad tail, brown wings and creamy brown underparts.

The Lapwing

The Lapwing has a distinctive quaffed crest, black and white coloring with iridescent green and blue on its wings.

The Linnet

The Linnet is the farmland member of the “Finch” family. Males have crimson chests, like the Robin, but they also have a flash of red on their forehead.


The House Sparrow

House Sparrows are noisey and gregarious, they’ve managed to colonise most of the UK. They can be found all year round in towns, villiages, parks, gardens and industrial areas.

The Puffin

The Puffin sounds very funny and looks comical to. It is a clown among sea birds with black and white underparts and a black head…

The Skylark

The Skylark is a small, plump, brown brown bird with a spikey crest, like a mohecan hair cut, which it can lower and raise at will.

The Blackcap

The Blackcap is a member of the warbler family. The male has a jet black cap and the female has a chestnut one.


The Turtle Dove

The Turtle Dove is a dainty dove. Smaller and darker than a collared dove and slightly larger than a Blackbird.

The Stone Curlew

The Stone Curlew is a crow-sized bird with long, yellow legs. It is specked wheat and black, with black wheat and fawn bars on its wings and a white eye mask.

The Song Thrush

The Song Thrush is a familiar and popular garden bird. It is smaller and browner than a Mistle Thrush, with smaller spotting…

The Redshank

The Redshank is a medium sized wading bird with longish, orange legs and a long straight bill. Its plumage is grey/brown above and whitish below.


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