Reflective Features

If you have spontaneously stumbled into this corridor of reflective curiosities, you may well be submitting yourself to the most bizarre blend of of computers and highbrow culture since Humpty Dumpty used his hyper intelligent tablet to translate the complete craziness of Edward Lear from mandarin Chinese to C Sharp Minor.  Now that would sound sublime, especially the Owl and the Pussycat.  Actually, in staunch keeping with the comfortingly eclectic philosophy upon which Gigadenza was gamely  grafted, there is neither precedent nor purpose for certain pages to permeate this particular partition of the site, other than their hazardously high levels of surrealism.

Please do not take an advanced ergonomic seat and make yourself comfortable in compliance with current EU health and safety directives on the pretext that any material comprises of structure, logic, motive, grammatical correctness, political radicalism, underlying morals, overriding facts, conventional wisdom, controversial advice, precious knowledge, tawdry trivia, clarified obscurity, obfuscated clarity, incisive rhetoric, evasive candour, pragmatic fantasies, irrational truths, interchangeable oxymorons or lists so lengthy and wearisomely wordy that by the time you’ve read this far, I can almost guarantee you’ll enjoy at least a syllable of what awaits below.


The Case of the Befuddling Base Clock

One frosty eve in the Winter of the foremost annul of the millennium’s second decade, a weeping, westerly sun lay low its rueful rays and retreated beneath a cumulus curtain, one that cloaked the Earth’s stage and solemnly marked a chip-set’s final hour in office. Over one thousand days of legendary service in […]


Two Ages of Toys, One Eternal Childhood.

Traditional. Wooden frames and pearly panes with a delicate dusting of frost and beyond, dolls adorned in candy pink atop sturdy houses four stories high. Look inside, it’s all real. A convivial kettle in command of a copper rich kitchen peppered with pots, pans and plates.  Walls playing host to princely portraits.  A […]


H20+TDP=Pointless or Productive…?

Degrees Vs. Watts Vs. Mhz A brief harvest of HTML tells us the GTX Titan’s premium water cooling accoutrements can maintain load temperatures as low as 42 degrees. Though we cannot assume this tempting figure would match that of our subject, whose tests were conducted under different conditions, it […]


M.2. Please Just Standardize

With 2013 witnessing the phase out of mSATA, and introduction of several novel standards of progressively diminutive SSD hardware emerging here is a very small retrospective interpretation on how baffling things were if not for anybody else aid then for my own peace of mind. Here is an mSata […]


Desktop Desperation

During Summer 2014’s hedonistic highs. The vastly increased muscle mass, versatility and popularity of mobile computing devices led many authoritative and commanding sources to declare the desktop computer would soon occupy nothing more than a chapter in Grove’s dictionary of Silicone. Smartphones provided the ability shoot and edit High […]


Five Card Trick? Bank Collects Again!

As we approached the summer of 2014, any amount of heat generated by the most intense sun in a galaxy yet to be graced by NASA sleuths could surely have never equalled, let alone surpassed that brought about by the silicon soldiers, adorned in amour of gleaming crimson and […]