In recent years, our recording studio has made use of a rich selection of computer hardware and high-end audio components, allowing for productions to be undertaken and completed with the finest quality and original features.  Please select a gallery from the previews below in the vain hope that you shall then be presented with a plethora of relevant photographic content and who knows, your wish may well be granted.


Zotac Geforce GTX 680

The  card seen in these snaps is Zotac’s interpretation of Nvidia’s GTX 680, the flagship single GPU model in their revolutionary power efficient 6XX “Kepler” series.  As with its fellow launch partners, Zotac faithfully adhered to Nvidia’s reference design.  The card is a 3rd generation PCI-E product, with a TDP […]


Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z

Another offering under Asus’s well established “Republic of Gamers” brand.  The Maximus series of motherboards has, since its inception, been the “cruiser-weight” equivalent of the flagship “Rampage” series, the former being based around Intel’s mainstream chipsets such as the P45, P55 and P67 while the latter incorporates the company’s […]


Fractal Define Mini

Fractal-Design are a relatively new company whose chassis are intended to fulfil a wide range of needs.  Their designs closely resemble those of rival manufacturers Antec and Corsair. Cosmetically discreet, consisting mainly of steel and incorporating numerous features already introduced by these and other manufacturers, though they are arguably better implemented  by Fractal […]


Auzentech X-Fi Home Theatre HD

Korean company Auzentech (formerly Hitec Digital Audio-HDA) began manufacturing sound cards in 2005.  Since the release of their X-Meridian card in 2006 which featured swappable op amps and was the first product launched under their new name, they’ve specialized in high quality sound cards aimed at gaming enthusiasts, audiophiles […]


Antec High Current Pro 1200W

Antec’s HCP (High Current Pro) range of power supplies are amongst the most powerful and energy efficient of their generation.  Having already laid down a marker with their server grade “signature series”, introduced in 2008, Antec effectively re-branded the line with the release of these four new models.  Rated […]


New System Build-Jan 2012

This system was built primarily for studio recording, hence the choice of a case optimized for quiet yet effective cooling.  The absurdly high capacity PSU was chosen due to its compact size and extremely reasonable price for a unit of such high quality that is offered by a leading […]


RME Fireface UFX

The Fireface UFX is RME’s superb flagship audio interface.  Released in mid 2011, the German company’s successor  to their venerable Fireface 800 adds such exciting and practical features as Firewire and USB support, fully independent recording to a USB flash drive, a high-res mini LCD on the front of the unit which […]


HIS Radeon HD 6990

The HD 6990, code named “Antilles”,  was AMD’s successor to their HD 5970 “Hemlock” video card.  Both cards featured dual GPUs, the “cayman” chip on the 6990 was similar in design to the older “cypress” processor found on the 5970 but several key alterations were made to the architecture to maximise data […]